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Dr. Shane R. Keating, Lecturer
School of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of New South Wales
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+61 2 8006 2260 (from AUS)
+1 646 583 0060 (from USA)
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Research Interests:
Mixing and stirring in geophysical turbulence; stochastic modeling; satellite altimetry; ocean state estimation; eddy parameterization.

Latest News:
  • "A regime diagram for ocean geostrophic turbulence" has been accepted to the Quaterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.
  • Our team has been awarded sea-time aboard the R/V Investigator to study eddies in the East Australian Current in September 2017.
  • Collaborator Moninya Roughan (UNSW) and I have been awarded a UNSW Silverstar research award worth A$35,000.
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