This is the personal blog of Shane R. Keating, a theoretical physicist at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. You can reach my personal homepage here.

This blog is primarily intended as an e-portfolio for Foundations of University Learning and Teaching, a staff training module offered at UNSW for instructors who wish to develop their teaching skills. You can read my posts on teaching by following the posts tagged with “Teaching” or under the category “FULT”.

In the past I have also used this blog for communicating with colleagues around the world. The categories marked with a * to the right are used for this purpose, and are password protected. Categories without a * beside them are open to the public.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


One thought on “About

  1. Yuri Lvov says:

    is called “buoyancy flux” in oceanography.

    Google search on “buoyancy flux” and “wave-wave interactions” give some
    nonzero set of papers.

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